Long Advance has a comprehensive and highly flexible supply chain, we avoid the shortages that occurred with some other traditional companies that are using single suppliers. In contrast, we have built a mutual trust and understanding with the factories we use by long-term cooperation and a focus towards high quality, high efficiency and win-win profit.
We present ourselves internationally each year and introduce our newest developments to our customers, and as a result our reputation for high quality and efficient product features has spread widely throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Long Advance was founded in July 1992, specializing in high quality and high performance functional fabrics.
Our main products include: nylon; polyester; nylon/spandex; polyester/spandex and mechanical stretch fabrics designed for outdoor、ski and fast forward activities.
All our efforts go into creating the latest design, quality and stability in all our products.
We offer a wide range of fabrics including: single layer woven and knitted fabrics or 2 or 3 layer hardshells.
Our softshells offering can be designed and manufactured to order in a variety of ways and with features such as anti-viral, water repellency, UV protection, odor control, down proof, print, high breathability, high water pressure resistant and so on.
Customer satisfaction and sustainable development are our constant mission.
Not only Long Advance's office is based in Taiwan, but also all the productions are manufactured in Taiwan in order to ensure the quality control and smooth production.

The whole process, from the selection of yarns to greige fabrics weaving, to the finishing processes, and to the output of the final products, is controlled and supervised by the well trained technicians from the factories and also Long Advance's employees.

The processes are as the following: Raw Yarns Preparation > Weaving Greige Fabrics > Inspection on Greige aterials > Dyeing Process > Finishing and Tentering > Inspection on the Dyed Fabrics > Coating/Lamination Process > Final Products Inspection and Packing at SGS > Ready for Shipment

After each finishing process, we have the internal inspection on the semi-products to always make sure the fabrics can be sent to the next processing factory. Once the final production is completed, we have the ready fabrics full inspected and packed at SGS.  



Our mission
  "木本水源" means the roots of trees and the source of running water. As a part of the earth residents, to respect our mother natural is the important value we need to keep. And this is our philosophy.
Long Advance works carefully to limit its impact on the environment and wants to bring about positive change. We carefully monitor our productions, make sure our products pass the OEKO-TEX standard, and follow the Reach requirements. In addition we are also one of the first businesses in Taiwan to become a Bluesign system partner. And got Global Recycled Standards (GRS) certification. We play a role within the business community to encourage and assist our factories to be Bluesign certified and create more environmentally friendly products. We aim to lead the way in this area.
By using materials such as biodegradable fleece, recycled polyester from bottles, bio-base nylon and nylon from ocean waste such as finishing nets.​



Our brand
Since 2006, we introduced our brand, "YUSHAN" to the market and customers, providing hangtags to our customer for branding. Yushan is the highest mountain located in central Taiwan. It is a significant landmark both geographically and historically in Taiwan.
Therefore, we have it symbol our leading position in Taiwan textile business and also represent our ambition and determination to offer the best quality standard products and services.